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Humble Bee Honey
From Our Hives to Your Home
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From Our Hives to Your Home.

Welcome to Humble Bee Honey, an Oregon family business that is passionate about the long term health and survival of the honey bee.  Since 2010, our honey has been 100% produced by our bees in the Southern Willamette Valley.  We use organic, sustainable practices in caring for our bees.  We guarantee its quality, origin and the welfare of the bees that worked hard to produce it.


Now Available at:

You can find our honey at the following locations in Oregon. Look for our honey at New Seasons Market under their in-store branding.

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Our Story

Erica caught the beekeeping bug in 2008, and moved to Oregon from Delaware specifically to work more with bees. Ronnie is a Pleasant Hill native that has always had a fascination with bees and how industrious they can be. In 2010, a small hobby project of 25 hives was started and never stopped. Now with around 1,000 hives, their little project has blossomed into something real. A true family operation, this husband and wife team with help from brothers and a cousin, make honey and a full spectrum of hive products in a warehouse located on the family farm.


Erica & Ronnie