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Humble Bee Honey
From Our Hives to Your Home



Every drop of honey we sell is produced by our bees. We care for 1,100 hives in the Southern Willamette Valley using organic, sustainable practices. Because we personally manage every aspect of our honeys’ production, from placing our bees away from commercial agriculture, to making sure our honeys’ temperature never exceeds 98 degrees during extraction and bottling, we can guarantee that it is a true raw, local honey. This sets us apart from other brands, which are mainly honey packers (not beekeepers) that source their honey from all over the world and are largely unaware of how that honey was handled and produced. We are proud to offer you a honey of single origin and consistent quality.




We care about the sustainability and health of the honey bee, and we take our work very seriously. Each hive is unique and we treat them as such. We visit our hives once every 7-10 days to make sure they’re queen right, well stocked with honey and pollen, mite counts are low and they are disease free. We take an integrated pest management approach to controlling varroa. We rely heavily on a queen rearing program that harnesses hygienic behavior and genetics that express a high degree of virulent resistance. When treatments are needed we only use organic acids and essential oils. Synthetic miticides are never used in our operation. During our harvest season, we take care to leave hives with enough honey and pollen to make it through the winter without having to supplement them with corn syrup.

Our bee yards in the Willamette Valley are very carefully selected. They are located away from commercial agriculture operations to make sure they are not tainted by sprays and pesticides. Not only is this better for the bees, it creates a more pure product for you as well.




We do this because it is our passion. We care about bees, and we care about bringing you the highest quality product that we can. When you buy from Humble Bee Honey, you are buying directly from a family of beekeepers. We really mean it when we say "from our hives to your home."

You can use our honey products knowing exactly where they came from, and exactly what's inside of it. We make our honey unfiltered & raw. This means we need to be more careful, but it is worth it to keep the wonderful natural enzymes and nutrients in our honey.